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Piano Lessons - Deals/Offers, Information and Fun Bits and Bobs.

Hi, in addition to this website I also have a number of social media accounts. On these accounts you will find offers on piano lessons, which are provided face to face for those in the Scottish Borders and (for those further afield) online via Skype or Facetime. As well as these offers (such as half price first lessons and free books etc) you will find these social media accounts useful in keeping up to date with your piano studies as I regularly post information on things such as dealing with exam pressure, music theory and related listening pieces of music.

To take advantage of these offerings or as alternative way to get in touch please just head over to my social media accounts via the links below or one of the associated icons littered around this website.



I should hopefully be following these up with more social media accounts shortly, including a YOUTUBE channel.

All the best,


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